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Accidents can sometimes be very devastating and can alter one’s life forever. Every day moving forward can be filled with pain, inability to move, or loss of certain motor functions. While you recoup and wait for a complete recovery, you may have to settle for the best. When an accident occurs, the Braff Injury Law Group is here to discuss your case and give you the best advice on moving forward.

You need the best injury lawyer in order to influence the way that your case will be resolved. Without the experience that our law firm has, you may be fighting a losing battle. We know what personal injury cases are about and what it takes to make them work for you as well as your recovery.

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Representation for accident victims

We are here for our clients every step of the way. You are not just number on client file but you are the person, we want to take care of. You are someone who has suffered a trauma and we want to help you. When a client comes to Braff Injury Law Group in Turlock, they can rest assured that we have handled cases just like theirs. Cases like:

As a professional law service in Turlock, Braff Injury Law Group that has represented personal injury claims, we know what you are undergoing and your life is now in complete chaos due to an individual’s carelessness or negligence. The insurance adjuster working for the other side is not going to have your best interests at heart. We know that this is going to be an emotional ride for you and the feeling of overwhelming emotions is not even the beginning. But we can help you. How can we help? We can work for you to get you the compensation you need while you are re-cooperating.

We Represent Your Rights

Yes, you are the victim of anyone that has acted recklessly or has been negligent, but it doesn’t have to be something that you have to live with on your own, without compensation. We know that you should receive the damages that you deserve for your injuries and the financial losses as you did not ask to be injured to the point that you cannot work anymore. It may be difficult to handle but you can do this with our help.

Avoid Talking to Insurance Company

It’s more important right now that you concentrate on getting better. Don’t talk to anyone about your case. This includes the individual that caused the injury, the insurance company that represents them, or the lawyers that represent them either. If you receive a call from anyone from the other team, you need to call us and let us answer those calls for you. We have decades of experience with dealing with insurance companies and can handle their aggressive pressure tactics.

The insurance company is not going to have your best interest in mind. They are not going to care if you are hurting, if you can work, or if you can walk without pain and walking devices. The at-fault party is not going to worry about it because it could cost them more money to pay you than for them to just ignore it and hope it goes away. We don’t feel that you should look away and forget about it.

When insurance companies know that you are being represented by Braff Injury Law Group, they automatically increase the damages or amount of compensation that you will receive. If they don’t give you a fair compensation, we will not only try negotiating an out of court settlement but represent you in court, if needed.

Why Choose to Work with Us?

Not only do we have years of expertise and experience to handle your accident and injury claim, we have capabilities in this particular field. And we commit to our clients. Give Braff Injury Law Group a call today and let’s get started on your case.


Sabrina WeidnerSabrina Weidner
08:06 13 Feb 23
I’ve had a very delightful experience with this firm. They took the process seriously and handled all my concerns. In the end it was all worth it. I would highly recommend their office to anyone that has a personal injury case to give them a call. I’m more than pleased.
Mildred HopkinsMildred Hopkins
05:36 13 Feb 23
I am so happy with the way they treated me throughout the entire course. I got referred to them by a friend a couple months back. Ever since the first phone call, they've been updating me on everything all the time and always asking if they could do more. Shout out to the great people that work there. Highly recommend.
Rosa LopezRosa Lopez
06:38 12 Feb 23
I highly recommend Braff Law if you should ever need a personal injury lawyer. They are just that, a very personable, caring firm, who will do their best for you. Overall it was a fantastic and enjoyable experience with this firm and everyone that I spoke to from it. Would highly recommend these guys for any personal injury cases you may be unfortunate enough to have to go through.
Shelia WoodShelia Wood
07:06 11 Feb 23
Excellent service. Braff Law is very professional, efficient, and hardworking. Everything was taken care of by the team very well, and I strongly strongly recommend them. Also, their kindness and passion toward their work makes them one of the best professional law offices in town. If you need an attorney don’t hesitate to contact them.
Sandra PrestonSandra Preston
07:00 10 Feb 23
Braff Law firm provided excellent help throughout, from the first call to the end. They were very professional and very honest and up front when explaining the process. The support staff were diligent and provided top notch customer service. This law office is excellent for any personal injury case.

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