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Maybe you have tried multiple times to get your vehicle fixed within warranty and it still isn’t working. If so, then you can ask for a replacement, refund, or cash settlement from the auto manufacturer, as per the California lemon laws. There are some common issues seen even with modern models. Our team of lemon law attorneys in Turlock are here to help the residents get refunds, cash settlements, and replaced vehicles under the lemon law regulations. We have successfully helped multiple clients and understand your situation. Thus, contact Braff Injury Law Group now for a better response to win over the case.

Overview Of California Lemon Law

Known as Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, the main goal of the California lemon law is to protect Californians by reimbursing or replacing the lease/purchase of defective vehicles unknowingly. It can be applied to both new and used vehicles under warranty, whether leased or bought.

Dealing with consistent repairs is frustrating. But that won’t make every vehicle a lemon. The vehicle needs to meet one of multiple requirements to be termed as a lemon. Some issues will call for legal help and that’s when we come to the rescue. 

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When Can You Consider a Vehicle to Be a Lemon?

To consider your vehicle as a lemon, it needs to be under warranty when you seek to repair it. It can be under any manufacturer or factory warranty like a certified pre-owned warranty, power train warranty, and more. But extended warranties from dealerships are often excluded.

Then the vehicle must match with the “lemon law presumption.” There are four rules applicable for matching your eligibility criteria. Those are:

You must demonstrate that you have made “reasonable attempts” to get the vehicle repaired. The lemon law will not establish specified repair numbers to match up with the needs. But will identify multiple scenes where the claim can get warranted:

Other than that, you can get California lemon law claims under other scenarios as well. Each claim will be judged on a case basis and for that, having a chat with the lemon law attorney at our law firm might work in your favor.

How Will the Law Work?

The lemon law works by asking the manufacturer to replace, refund, or pay a cash settlement to the vehicle owner or lessee who has matched the requirements. Here, compliance is mandatory, and the manufacturer won’t be able to avoid liability by inserting disclaimers into purchase contracts.

Filing a successful claim is rather challenging. So, hiring an experienced Lemon Law attorney from Braff Injury Law Group is a better decision. We understand the nuances of the laws and will help you win over the case with ease.

Determining Your Eligibility

With the help of our Lemon Law attorney, you get your case thoroughly scrutinized. Braff Injury Law Group will review your purchase and check out the vehicle’s repair history to make the case strong for you. Then we offer a free initial consultation period. In case we need extra information, we will ask for it.

We help to submit your demand to the vehicle manufacturer:

If you do have a claim, then you must file a demand with the auto manufacturers. Our lemon law attorneys in Turlock will cover that step for you. It starts with a formal letter where the details about the vehicle will be outlined. Your consumer rights will be explained, and the demands mentioned. Then the lawyers will follow up with the manufacturer to see if the auto manufacturer agrees to the demand.

We start pursuing your demand and negotiate:

There are various ways in which your claim can move forward. In some instances, manufacturers will accept the liability and offer the replacement vehicle, or the refund, as requested. In other instances, they get to accept liability but dispute the claimed replacement or refund. Some argue that your vehicle fails to qualify under the Lemon Law. No matter how the manufacturer responds, Braff Injury Law Group will push for your demand aggressively.

We will take your case to court if needed:

Even though the chance of the claim reaching a judge and jury is rare, but if your lemon law case needs to be taken to the court for final decision, we are ready to help you litigate at a trial. If you want to take the case to arbitration for a faster response, we will help you with that, as well.

Lemon Law Claim in Turlock

Under California lemon laws, the attorney’s fees will be a small percentage of the damages we win for you, as we work on a contingency fee structure. Thus, you will only pay us when we help you win the refund/replacement.

At Braff Injury Law Group, we understand your dilemma. We consider it our duty to help you win, because you have a lemon and don’t deserve it for the money you have spent on it. Not only will we prove that you were not at fault, but we will ensure that we present a strong stance that confirms that the auto manufacturer accepts the liability of the defective vehicle.

Our Lemon law attorneys in Turlock are conversant in all aspects of the regulations and stay abreast of the latest cases and judgements to ensure that our clients get the desired results.

For more information about our legal services and to discuss your case with our lemon law attorneys in Turlock, call Braff Injury Law Group today.

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