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Slip and fall accidents are common accidents in the winter months, although you can slip anytime or anywhere. A person who slips and falls on private or public property other than their own can file a slip and fall injury claim. If you have been injured due to untreated sidewalks or neglect of public safety or because of the negligence of a property owner, Braff Injury Law Group can be of immense assistance.

Primary Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

Many people believe that slip and fall accidents only occur during the winter due to ice and snow on sidewalks and roadways. There are actually many different types of accidents that can cause a slip and fall accident to occur. If you have been injured, you will want to seek compensation for your injury with knowledgeable lawyers like our team at Braff Injury Law Group that know how to handle these cases.

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If we are hired as your personal injury lawyers, Braff Injury Law Group will bring to the table a wealth of knowledge on how to handle these cases and what you can expect as the person who was injured. These accidents can happen anywhere, restaurants, shopping malls, bars, or even private property. Our lawyers have represented innumerable cases, when a slip and fall occurs, the owner, manager, or employee is responsible for the injuries you received. The most common reasons why a slip and fall accident happens is due to:

It’s very simple really; any unsafe surface to walk on could potentially cause someone to slip and fall. In addition, this type of accident can cause injuries that could be life changing to the individual. There have been cases when the individual received brain injuries or were paralyzed for life due to spinal damage.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a slip and fall accident, call Braff Injury Law Group to consult any of our experienced lawyers that offer free consultation and case evaluation to judge the merits for your potential claim. We have won millions of dollars over the years, for our clients that were accident victims, just like you.

Common Injuries

Many slip and fall accidents result in cuts, scrapes, or bruises that are not long term. Even a large bruise is not going to be enough to call a lawyer and file a claim. However, if you have a fracture or a serious injury, you may want to consider calling our law firm. A serious injury can include:

If a slip and fall accident has resulted in death, a loved one can call Braff Injury Law Group to file a claim as soon as possible so we can help you get justice and the damages you are entitled to as per the laws in California.