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The Lemon law of California is the most consumer-friendly law in the United States. If you have bought a vehicle that qualifies to be a lemon, then it is essential to consult with a Lemon law attorney at the Braff Injury Law Group. And, you have come to the right place to seek legal guidance and assistance, because that is what we specialize in.

We have successfully handled hundreds of lemon law claims and we bring years of experience to the claims that we have represent every year. At the Braff Injury Law Group, we ensure that our clients do not have to carry any additional financial burdens. Therefore, we collect the legal fees for our service, and the costs resulting from the legal proceedings, from the auto-manufacturing company, and we keep our promise. You pay nothing in order to consult with our experienced Lemon law attorneys.

In California, a large variety of vehicles are covered by the Song Beverly Consumer Warranty Act or California Lemon Law, such as an automobile, SUV, truck, RV, motorcycle, ATV, boat, etc. Don’t wait for long if you have purchased or leased a defective vehicle. We have a team of skilled lemon law attorneys in San Ramon that have trial experience and sufficient resources to ensure a settlement of the claim or a positive verdict.

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It is difficult for someone who does not know the law or the legal proceedings to ensure a positive verdict, through legal action against large auto-manufacturing companies. They retain the service of experienced and influential attorneys. In this scenario, you need a team of experienced lawyers to represent your interests if you want to recover satisfactory compensation or remedy for your loss.

We have an attorney-fee provision for Lemon law claims. Due to this provision, we can collect the legal fees and legal costs from the auto-manufacturing companies. Therefore, we get paid if we can secure sufficient compensation for your financial loss and your troubles.

5 Frequently Asked Questions

If a dealership cannot repair the defect of your vehicle (car, truck, RV, SUV, ATV, travel-trailer, boat, motorcycle, etc.) despite a “reasonable” number of attempts, then you may file a claim for compensation under California’s Lemon Law. However, the repair attempts must be carried out within the warranty period and the defect must be covered by the warranty.

Under the Song Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, the new, pre-owned, or leased vehicles are all covered by California’s Lemon Law. However, a vehicle must be repaired for the defects covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty.

No. The attorney-fee provision of California’s Lemon Law allows us to collect the attorney fees and legal costs from the auto-manufacturing companies. Therefore, our clients pay nothing to retain our service.

We accurately practice in the field of Lemon law. Therefore, we know in detail about California’s Lemon law. The Braff Injury Law Group stays informed about the latest updates to the law and know about the complexities associated with the Lemon law claims. We are skilled to provide you with excellent representation.

Each case is unique, and the outcome of a Lemon law claim depends upon a variety of factors. However, most of the issues resolve quickly. It is usually possible for an experienced lawyer to settle a claim within the first few months of filing it. Although, it is difficult for any lawyer to predict the outcome of a lawsuit or a claim, and to guarantee a quick resolution.

Contact the Braff Injury Law Group and book an initial consultation with our Lemon law attorneys in San Ramon for a proper analysis of your case.

We have arrangements to provide any resident of California with our legal service for Lemon law claims. If you cannot meet with us personally, then you may consult with us over the phone. It’s free of cost. You may e-mail or fax the documents to our office or may send them via postal service.

Aren’t you sure if your vehicle qualifies as a Lemon? If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of the following questions, then it’s time to visit our office for an initial consultation, which is free.

We will contact you as soon as possible after reviewing your documents and let you know if your vehicle qualifies as a Lemon.

At the Braff Injury Law Group, our main objective is to ensure that our clients can move through the legal proceedings as conveniently as possible. Our experienced lawyers know how to cut through the ‘red tape’. We will handle everything related to the Lemon law claim, and let you take care of other tasks in your personal or professional life.

Our lemon law attorneys in San Ramon have settled many claims without having the need to meet with the clients in person. If we feel the need to meet with our clients personally, then we will arrange to travel to the location, according to our client’s preference. Call us today at 925-967-2411 to discuss your case.

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