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There’s a lot of people that call the great state of California home. Public transit has become a main form of transportation throughout this state. Public transit is encouraged in so many ways, especially with the knowledge of harm that traffic has on the environment. Public transit can also assist in seniors get to appointments and run errands as well as help students get from home to work or school.

Public transit demands increase as cities grow in population each year. In fact, this is what happens with all metropolitan areas seeing a spike in growth. The busier the cities in California are, the more in demand public transit will be. Unfortunately, the increase in public transit accidents is also on the rise as well.

If you have been injured while on public transportation, the accidents can change your life in a second, to say the least. You or a loved one that has been injured in such an accident, will be eligible for compensation for their injuries that will also include pain and suffering. At Braff Injury Law Group, we have helped many people with similar issues and helped them get maximum amount as compensation as per their eligibility.

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Accident Liability

Government agencies are responsible for the operational maintenance of buses, trains and other means of transportation for the public, which make them liable if something goes wrong. One of the main responsibilities of keeping and maintaining public transit working effectively and safely is to maintain safety and service on all equipment at all times. It is important that operators are provided with the best training possible for the equipment they will be responsible for. Public transportation system operators are trained to be prepared for such eventualities. However, if you have been injured in any of these accidents, call us today:

While it may sound simple enough, it’s never really simple at all. Public transit accidents are complex to handle. That’s because there are normally different parties that are involved and each party wants to make sure that they will not be liable, by having criminal charges brought up against them, they will not be financially held liable, and they don’t want to lose their jobs either.

Many injuries that result in a public transit accident is many times catastrophic. The results of these accidents usually injuries that include broken bones, TBI, as well as spinal cord injuries. If an accident occurs because someone was being negligent on the job, the Braff Injury Law Group is ready to take on the case. From medical and hospital compensation to loss of income because of missing work, our lawyers will be ready to go to work.

When you hire Braff Injury Law Group, you will be hiring a team of experienced lawyers that will go to work for you. They have navigated through the legal system with all their cases and the know what stress you will endure and will be there for you every step of the way. We want you and your family to focus on your recovery from the injuries and we’ll take care of the stressful parts so you can relax. We’d be glad to discuss your case so call us today.