Motorcycle Accident Lawyers In Turlock, Fremont, San Ramon & Citrus Heights

It’s always important to exercise safety and caution when you are driving on the roadways, no matter where you are. Unfortunately, all too often motorists are not paying attention or motorcyclists on the roadways or do not see them causing a motorcycle accident. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, after getting medical attention, it is best that you consult with the Braff Injury Law Group today and let’s get started on your case.

Common Injuries

Motorcycle riders are at the top of the list of having an accident on the roadways. These accidents can cause any number of injuries from a few bumps and bruises to a catastrophic injuries or fatalities. When a collision occurs on the roadway for a motorcycle, it is usually with a vehicle. The driver in the vehicle has more protection than the driver on the motorcycle. A motorcyclist is exposed and unfortunately more vulnerable to serious injuries that can lead to temporary or permanent disability. A motorcycle injury can cause:

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Not to mention, there are multiple injuries that could be added to the above list, depending on the severity of the crash. These include burns, broken bones, road rash, and facial fractures. Once a motorcyclist has received care for their injuries, they can notify a law firm to determine what their rights are and how they can get the compensation they need and deserve for their injuries.

Filing a Lawsuit

In addition to the injuries listed above, if you have a case, your law firm can assist you in filing for compensation that includes

Once you hire a law firm to represent you, they will help you to file a claim for damages against the defendant that may be at fault for your accident. We have experience representing our clients with out of court negotiations, as well as representing the client to the best of our ability in court. Many times, claims can be settled out of court and a deal reached when you have a good lawyer on your side that knows how to negotiate.

Legal expertise to pin liability

If you were involved in a motorcycle injury and you feel those injuries are due to any individual’s carelessness or because they were negligent, give our law firm a call and let’s get started on your case today. In order for our law firm to prove that the at-fault party was responsible due to negligence, you will need to prove that

To learn more about compensation, you can contact our law firm and speak to one of our lawyers who knows how to pursue your case.