Hazards That Can Pin Stair Accidents’ Fault

The hidden dangers in some stairways can complicate determination of fault. Doubts about fault can challenge an effort to assign liability.

Situations where the property owner would be liable for an injury sustained by a guest or visitor

• Torn carpet on the stairs
• A broken handrail
• The absence of a handrail on a set of outdoor stairs
• Objects lying on the staircase

Situations where a stairway has a hidden danger

Plaintiff/injured victim must discover exactly how the steps on that stairway were supposed to be constructed. There are possible problems with a set of steps that are outdoors:

—Stairways that get exposed to the elements of nature are supposed to be built in a way that manages to limit the extent of water or ice build-up.
—The same sort of stairway should be covered with something that features a surface that does not get especially slippery, when wet.

The stairway might be especially narrow. That would cause a problem, if those planning to enter the building had to use the stairs, and an infrequent user arrived in a wheelchair.

Instances of hidden dangers on a staircase

Polished surfaces on steps

Mistakes made by workers, during maintenance of same staircase

—Failing to secure a railing properly, causing it to fall, when subjected to large amount to weight or pressure.
—Inadequate sanding of wooden stairs, so that someone might get hurt from a tiny splinter.
—Excessive polishing of marble steps
—Failure to remove a piece of equipment, after finishing a maintenance chore
—Failing to replace an EXIT sign, after taking it down, while completing maintenance tasks

Oversights made by investigators, or investigator’s failure to report an observed danger to the property owner, as per personal injury lawyer in Citrus Heights. A nail protrudes in a step that is outside along the route to the porch. The former homeowner had placed a ramp for a wheelchair over the same step. During the ramp’s removal, someone had overlooked that one protruding nail.

Who could be blamed for the above-mentioned problems?

Property owners can be blamed for obvious dangers on a stairway in an owned building. The contractors could be blamed for poor construction. Even if the property owner was at fault, there are steps you can take to ensure your legal rights are protected. If you don’t have an injury lawyer in Turlock and want to represent yourself in court, it’s a good idea to find one who specializes in slip-and-fall cases.

Additionally, always hire an attorney if you think an adjuster has been overly aggressive about lowering your claim or making up excuses for why things went wrong on their end (or both).

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