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The reason for you to purchase or lease a used or new vehicle is to avoid any transportation issues. But, if you have been an unfortunate victim of unknowingly leasing or buying a defective car, or a lemon, then you can count on Braff Injury Law Group for aggressive and honest representation.

Our main goal is to cover consumer rights in California. That is why our Lemon Law attorneys in Citrus Heights have the right resources and skills to take on powerful opponents like big automobile manufacturers.

Primarily targeted as the “Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act,” the California Lemon Law will protect consumers in case an automobile does not give optimized performance as per the requirement, while it is under the express warranty. If any vehicle cannot be repaired even after reasonable attempts, then that vehicle is termed as a lemon. 

The lemon law will easily cover multiple vehicles like motorcycles, cars, trucks, boats, recreation vehicles, and more. Now, the warranty might get a bit complex. So, catching up with our experienced lawyer can help. Talk with our Lemon Law attorneys in Citrus Heights now and Braff Injury Law Group will help you to win the case with ease.

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Californian Lemon Law Attorney

As per California Civil Code § 1793.2, the California lemon law is applicable to used and new vehicles that are under the original manufacturer’s warranty. Once you think you might have a claim for a motor vehicle, choose to have a chat with our lemon law attorney now.

This lemon law is applicable to those vehicles with the manufacturer’s original warranty. So, if you purchase any vehicle without a warranty, that won’t get covered. A dealer or manufacturer needs to repair the defect within a certain amount of times, or they must replace the model or refund the purchase price.

Lemon Law Work

The lemon law in California is designed to cover used or new vehicles purchased to cover personal purposes. It can also cover vehicles with weight that is less than the given 10,000 pounds benchmark and purchased for commercial purposes. Here, not more than 5 vehicles can get registered in California. 

Furthermore, the vehicle needs to be leased or purchased at retail in California or procured by a fully active member of the military, that is stationed in California while purchasing or leasing the vehicle.

This law won’t cover motorcycles, a portion of a RV that has been used or designed for human habitation, or any vehicle that is not registered for operating under the Vehicle Code. 

This law will cover the nonconformities of the vehicle, which are stated as defects or malfunction, as covered in the newly written vehicle warranty and impairs the use, value, or safety of the vehicle to the consumer. This law won’t cover any issue caused by unreasonable use of the vehicle.

Essentials By the Auto Manufacturer

It is mandatory for the manufacturer to provide over 1 attempt to repair the motor vehicle. Each occasion with the repairing opportunity is counted as an attempt, even when no repairs occurred. A consumer does not have to possess a vehicle to avail them of the replacement or repurchase remedies.

The lemon law has given a regulation that when multiple repair attempts have been made within 1.5 years after delivery to the buyer, or if the vehicle covers 18,000 miles, any one of the situations can occur:

The 30-day limit can only get an extension when the repairs cannot be performed for conditions beyond the control of the manufacturer. A buyer must directly notify the manufacturer when he has clearly told the buyer, in the owner’s manual or warranty, the lemon law provisions.

At Braff Injury Law Group, we understand how difficult it can be when you have invested in a vehicle, and it turns out that it is a lemon. That is why we represent your rights and ensure that you get the vehicle replaced or get a refund on it by the auto manufacturer. Although the contract may specify that replacement or refund is possible but trying to get it is extremely complex. That is why you need good lawyers.


Well, not quite. Manufacturers might present a chance at an arbitration program, to help you resolve the issue. For that, you need to ask for arbitration to get Lemon Law Presumption benefits. 

No. It is not that common for the arbitration results to be considered unfair. Many consumers are looking for a lemon law attorney in Citrus Heights after losing at arbitration.


Here, the automobile manufacturer will purchase the car from you and get you a refund for a down payment, the current registration fee, all monthly payments made, and paying off the outstanding vehicle loan. The manufacturer will title the vehicle as “Lemon law buyback.”

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