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Did you recently lease or buy a boat? Owning a boat or some other type of recreational watercraft has been a dream come true for many Californians, many of whom waited years to be able to enjoy them. But unfortunately, some of those dreams became nightmares when something continually went wrong with the engine or other mechanical features of that watercraft. What many individuals don’t realize is that California’s Lemon Law applies to boats and watercraft as well as vehicles. Thus, if you are unable to take the boat to the water, help is a call away.

California’s Lemon Law is one of the most extensive laws of its kind where consumer protection is concerned. It was designed to protect consumers who purchase boats and other vehicles only to realize that they were defective after they had signed their contract. Furthermore, this law is consumer-friendly in that it provides legal recourse if what they bought turns out to be a lemon. If this has happened to you, call the Braff Injury Law Group, and speak with our Boats and Watercraft Lemon lawyer in Fremont, California today.

Our team of lawyers have handled innumerable cases in the past and have proven successes. Not only has that bolstered the morale of our clients, but with years of experience, our legal team handling Lemon Law cases is a name to be reckoned with concerning vehicle lemon cases.

Boats and Watercraft Covered Under California’s Lemon Law

Any boat or watercraft sold with a manufacturer’s warranty will usually qualify under California’s Lemon Law for those types of vessels. It also applies to boats without motors. As a result, the law applies to the following types of vessels:

The law stipulates that qualified boats and watercraft must have nonconformities, defined as defects or malfunctions that are covered by the original warranty. If these nonconformities compromise the safety, use, or value of the vessel, a Boats and Watercraft Lemon lawyer in Fremont, California, with the Braff Injury Law Group, can help you start legal action against the manufacturer. As one of the top law firms dealing with Lemon Law claims, we can help you at every step of the way to ensure you get a refund or a replacement watercraft. We protect your legal rights and will ensure that you get justice.

The Dangers of Using a Defective Boat or Watercraft

When a boat or watercraft has a significant defect, it can become a serious safety hazard. For example, having your communication system, engine, or navigation system fail could leave you lost, stranded, and unable to get updates on the weather. When you’re out on open water where conditions can change without warning, it can be very dangerous and even life-threatening.

In addition to this, a defective boat or watercraft can adversely affect your overall ability to operate and enjoy your boat. Remember, when you leased or purchased that vessel, it was with the promise and understanding that you’d be able to use it for both functional and recreational purposes. Any type of defect that inhibits the use of the vessel as intended clearly defines it as a Lemon.

When is a Boat or Watercraft Considered a Lemon?

California’s Lemon Law applies to significant defects that adversely affect the safety, use, or value of a boat or watercraft. As the owner of a defective product, the burden of proof rests on your shoulders. In other words, you must prove that the vessel has a defect that is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. Additionally, you must give the dealership and/or manufacturer adequate notice of the defect and give them an opportunity to make the appropriate repairs.

If you believe your boat or watercraft is a Lemon, the manufacturer is required, under California’s Lemon Law, to reimburse you for the cost of the boat and repairs or to replace the vessel. However, in order to win your case, you must prove the vessel is a Lemon and covered under the law by proving the following points:

If the manufacturer contests or denies your Lemon Law claim, call the Braff Injury Law Group as soon as possible. Speak with a Boats and Watercraft Lemon lawyer, in Fremont, about initiating legal action against them.

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Jessie GriffinJessie Griffin
02:37 16 Feb 23
l feel like I am much more than just a file number when dealing with Braff Law. Professional and quality service, consistently making sure my recovery from my accident is going smoothly and great at keeping in touch. I would recommend this law office to anyone looking for a good attorney.
Garrett WongGarrett Wong
02:31 12 Feb 23
Braff Law was top notch. Very responsive and provided excellent advice. They explained everything in legal terms I can understand and made the process so much easier. Thanks for your excellent work. I highly recommend this team!
Amy HowellAmy Howell
02:51 10 Feb 23
I had a great experience with Braff Law. They were incredibly empathetic, courteous and professional. The process of dealing with insurance can be quite stressful. They made it as tolerable an ordeal as possible. I would not hesitate to request them for representation.
Mathias PMathias P
13:18 22 Nov 22
Excellent communication with the lawyer I was given, John, as well as incredibly quick email responses from their staff. There isn't a better group of attorneys to handle my case. I would highly suggest this company and am incredibly appreciative of and delighted with all of their hard work and efforts.
Marrye DannMarrye Dann
19:43 03 Nov 22
Braff Injury Law Group is the best personal injury lawyer. I have been in an unfortunate car accident and had to deal with the insurance company on my own. I have never gone through anything like this before, but This law firm helped me so much. They were always there for me during this difficult time and was very knowledgeable.

How Can the Braff Injury Law Group Help You?

Granted, California’s Lemon Law provides the consumer certain protections. However, pursuing a claim against vessel manufacturers is a complex matter that requires the experience of a skilled Boats and Watercraft Lemon lawyer, in Fremont. Our lawyers can help you understand the law so that you can take advantage of these different protections. They can also litigate your case in front of a judge and jury if this becomes necessary.

For more information, or to schedule a FREE consultation with one of our lawyers, call the Braff Injury Law Group today on (888) 286-6679. We’ll be glad to discuss your case and assist you as needed.

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