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The Braff Law Firm is one of California’s premier Lemon Law practices. We believe in personal connections where our clients are concerned. We are committed to providing every client with the personalized individual attention they deserve, especially when they need a Boats and Watercraft Lemon lawyer in Citrus Heights, California. This means that when you have concerns or questions about your Lemon Law case, you’ll be sharing your understanding with an experienced attorney that’s been assigned to your case.

Once your attorney has evaluated your case and is familiar with all the details, they will fight aggressively to maximize the compensation you’re entitled to receive. At our firm, we believe that every client deserves VIP treatment in order to keep them updated about the progress of their case. Our goal is to be available whenever you need us. We’ll take your call whenever we are able to do so or call you back as soon as possible. Don’t put up with a defective boat or watercraft. Let us provide a legal remedy. Our team has years of experience in helping people that have been straddled with a lemon, even after investing huge amounts of money in a beautiful boat, or other watercraft.

California’s Boat and Watercraft Lemon Law

Many individuals are under the impression that California’s Lemon Law only applies to motor vehicles and motorcycles. However, it also applies to boats, and a broad range of watercraft. The Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act of 1971 ensures that individuals have recourse if they’ve purchased a defective consumer product that is still under the manufacturer’s warranty. If you’ve purchased a lemon, the Braff Law Firm’s Boats and Watercraft Lemon lawyers in Citrus Heights, California can help.

Furthermore, California’s Lemon Law is one of the most extensive consumer protection laws in the United States. If you can prove that your boat or watercraft is in fact a lemon, you could be entitled to one of the three following forms of compensation from the manufacturer:

California’s Lemon Law helps consumers when there’s a defect, or series of defects, in the product they’ve leased or purchased. And it compromises their safety, as well as the use and value of the product. Thus, all that is needed is to prove that your boat or watercraft is a lemon and then redressal is possible. All the evidence, including repair receipts and documents related to the issues need to be evaluated, to ensure that we are on the same page. That will help us negotiate better with the boat or watercraft manufacturer, and help you get the damages, refund, or a replacement boat.

What Type of Boats or Watercraft are Covered by California’s Lemon Law?

Generally speaking, any consumer that leases or purchases a boat or watercraft with a valid manufacturer’s warranty is protected under California’s Lemon Law.

For example, if the boats and watercraft listed below are leased or sold with a warranty, they may be covered by California’s Lemon Law:

In some cases, this also includes boats without engines or motors. If you’re unsure whether your boat or watercraft qualifies as a lemon, speak with a Braff Law Firm Boats and Watercraft Lemon lawyer in Citrus Heights, California, as soon as possible.

How Do You Know If Your Boat or Watercraft is a Lemon?

California’s Lemon Law requires manufacturers to offer a cash settlement, refund your purchase and the cost of repairs, or replace your defective boat or watercraft, if a reasonable number of repair attempts have been unsuccessful. However, before any legal action can be taken, there are certain criteria that must be met in order to prove that your boat or watercraft is a lemon including the following:

If your Lemon Law claim is denied by the manufacturer, you should contact the Braff Law Firm immediately and schedule a FREE consultation with a Boats and Watercraft Lemon lawyer in Citrus Heights, California.

The Five Steps You Should Take If Your Boat or Watercraft is a Lemon

If you believe that the boat or watercraft you recently leased or purchased is a lemon, and it is still under the manufacturer’s warranty, follow these steps to ensure your rights under this law are protected:


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Jessie GriffinJessie Griffin
02:37 16 Feb 23
l feel like I am much more than just a file number when dealing with Braff Law. Professional and quality service, consistently making sure my recovery from my accident is going smoothly and great at keeping in touch. I would recommend this law office to anyone looking for a good attorney.
Garrett WongGarrett Wong
02:31 12 Feb 23
Braff Law was top notch. Very responsive and provided excellent advice. They explained everything in legal terms I can understand and made the process so much easier. Thanks for your excellent work. I highly recommend this team!
Amy HowellAmy Howell
02:51 10 Feb 23
I had a great experience with Braff Law. They were incredibly empathetic, courteous and professional. The process of dealing with insurance can be quite stressful. They made it as tolerable an ordeal as possible. I would not hesitate to request them for representation.
Mathias PMathias P
13:18 22 Nov 22
Excellent communication with the lawyer I was given, John, as well as incredibly quick email responses from their staff. There isn't a better group of attorneys to handle my case. I would highly suggest this company and am incredibly appreciative of and delighted with all of their hard work and efforts.
Marrye DannMarrye Dann
19:43 03 Nov 22
Braff Injury Law Group is the best personal injury lawyer. I have been in an unfortunate car accident and had to deal with the insurance company on my own. I have never gone through anything like this before, but This law firm helped me so much. They were always there for me during this difficult time and was very knowledgeable.

With a very successful track record of resolving Lemon Law claims, our reputation has grown over the years. Counted among the top legal firms specializing in Lemon Laws, we have represented our clients against most of the top manufacturers of boats and watercrafts.

Most importantly, call the Braff Law Firm as soon as possible and schedule a FREE consultation with a Boats and Watercraft Lemon lawyer in Citrus Heights, California.

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